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"Theo excels at collaboration. Our project involved talking about big ideas, finding evidence to back up arguments, and writing the piece in a style accessible to general audiences. He brought enthusiasm and skill to the project--from the background conversations and research to the organizing, writing, and editing. I highly recommend him."


Professor Adam Galinsky

Columbia University Business School



"Theo has definitely sharpened my writing. Just as valuably, his close readings of several essays have helped me refine my arguments and present them more persuasively and powerfully. His approach is challenging but always friendly and collegial."

Robert Johnston,

Associate Professor,

University of Illinois-Chicago



"Theo has a keen eye for structure. He read my manuscript with a critical eye that was immensely valuable to my work. Then he helped me reorganize several sections, and helped me polish the style, making my arguments clearer and more engaging." 


Josh Salzmann,

Associate Professor,


Theo Anderson

Writer and Editor

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